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  Boxes for gate valves
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" MD" Company
 14 Widzewska Str., Łódź

Phone:   +48 42 674 80 44
Fax:        +48 42 674 84 98

About us

„MD” Company exists since 1992. The main aim of the company is to promote cast iron products on the polish water supply market. „MD” Company supports new technical and technological solutions, especially in water supply exploitation.


Due to the market expectations, „MD” Company, with polish foundries, produces cast iron products. „MD” Company cooperate with number of enterprises from water supply and sewerage branch.


Actually „MD” Company is one of the biggest polish water supply market deliverers. We specialize in gate valves, connectors, sewer manholes, hydrants and water supply failures removal devices.


In 2003 „MD” Company has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System witch fulfills the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.


Since 2005 „MD” Company is active also on the Ukraine water supply market.





Company’s vision and mission


Our vision


We take care of the future and continually adjust our actions to the actual Customer’s needs. We aspire to create reliable and professional company. With our everyday work we would like to reinforce our Customer’s trust and we aspire to our Customer’s satisfaction increase.


Our mission


Quality, experience and reliability build our future.


Our values

  • we appreciate trust and honesty

  • we ensure high quality consumer service

  • we require quality firstly from ourselves

  • we appreciate continuous improvement

  • we respect variety of our employee’s natures and characters

  • we respect diverse communities of our work market



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